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Welcome to Ten L Training Center,

and thank you for taking the time to view our website! I am Laura Tennill and have been training horses professionally for over 30 years, starting out with mostly Morgan horses, a few Arabs and Quarter Horses as well. From a very young age I knew I was destined have a deep love of horses!




We are located 25 miles southeast of Louisville, Kentucky.

Ten L Training

When I was younger I would watch some of the Saddlebred trainers work their horses and would just take everything in, it was so exciting to be able to sit and watch and learn from them.

We were so fortunate to live very close to the Saddlebred capital of the world and so many good trainers so close by to us! Some of them were kind enough to let me watch and show me techniques, then I would take what I learned from them and try it on the Morgans.

I learned more with each horse I trained. I trained my first Morgan horse to drive at the age of 13 and had already been showing saddleseat and halter for some years prior to that. I also enjoyed riding western as well, and have ridden Quarter Horses, Arabs and a few Saddlebreds. I started out training part time and decided to take the jump and try to train full time and it just all fell into place. I trained numerous Morgans to ride and drive and gained knowledge as the years went by.

I then met my future husband, Joe Tennill, and he introduced me to a nearby breeder of miniature horses and told me they were looking for a trainer! I was so enthused about working with the miniatures and really came to love the breed and never looked back! A year later Joe and I were married, later had our son B. J. and started looking for a new home for our family and new location for our training center!

We found a great location here in Taylorsville, Ky. where we are close to one of the finest Equine Hospitals, and we have very competent farriers and equine dentists available for our horses care. We started adding the finest mares we could afford to purchase into our breeding program always looking to produce the best quality horses we could. We also were very selective in our stallions, that were strong in pretty heads, nice long necks that were set on high coming out of the shoulder and great natural toplines! I have had a dream for years of what I wanted to produce as far as show horses and have worked really hard to achieve that dream!

I believe we have the right combinations of mares, many are national or world champions or reserves, top tens or have produced them. Our stallions have been carefully chosen to match up with these mares, Ten Ls Destinys IN The Buff, Perlino son of Alvadars Double Destiny, had offspring that won five reserve world titles in 2012, and many regional champions and top tens. He himself was World Top Three, and East Regional Grand Champion Sr. Stallion and 18 times Supreme Halter and/or Champion of Champions!

Ten Ls Tigers Legacy is a 33.5 triple registered stallion, AMHA, AMHR and ASPC that I loved the first time I saw him, and later was able to purchase him! He has been national top four and has sired many national and reserve national champion and world top tens! We are crossing some of the Legacy daughters back to Buff and they are proving to be Excellent! We also have Ten Ls Echos Captive Spirit, a beautiful buckskin 28 inch stallion sired by Little Kings Buck Echo. Spirit was National Champion and World Reserve Champion and has sired world champions and many top tens! It is such a joy to breed and train the horses and help them develop into great show horses of distinction!

I also love working with amateurs and youths, I think this is one of the greats joys there is as a trainer, to help them develop the confidence and ability to show their horses to the best of their ability and when they do well I am truly happier than if I had won myself! I specialize in training halter, driving, liberty and showmanship! Whether your looking for a trainer, show horse, stallion service for your special mare, or just want to come and visit just give us a call or email! We look forward to seeing you!

--Joe and Laura Tennill


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